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By Janela Cobian
July 23, 2019
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TBO Holidays is a multi-billion-dollar global B2A travel company with award-winning technology and a presence in over 100 countries worldwide. It is widely recognized for its reliable expertise in fulfilling travel agent booking requirements quickly and efficiently.

At TBO Holidays, their mission is to help travel agents worldwide to offer better services to their end customers and compete effectively with online channels.Founded in 2006, TBO Holidays is known for its expertise at offering a diverse, global range of hotels at highly competitive rates which has now reached over 600,000 properties. They are backed by cutting edge technology and superior customer support, and www.tboholidays.com is a one stop shop for all holidays booking requirements.

The company acknowledges that travel agent satisfaction is the forefront to their success . With highly competent staff striving daily to achieve this, TBO Holidays now has over 47,000 satisfied agent partners which is a testimony to their growing success.

TBO Holidays has also invested considerably in their multiple award-winning technology to enhance the travel agent user experience by making the booking process simpler and more effective.

Services include:

TBO Dynamic Packages - Over 700 packages of 65+ destinations including both static and dynamic.

TBO Affiliate Program - Your brand, their inventory.

TBO Roamer Mobile Application - Real-time itinerary push to your customers.

TBO Academy - Learn anytime, anywhere. Become a destination expert.

Flights - Leading LCC & full-service domestic carriers with real time booking.

Cruises - Multiple cruise products from leading cruise lines.

Hotels – Access inventory of over 6,00,000 hotels and resorts.


Asia's Leading B2B Travel Provider

Middle East's Leading B2B Travel Provider

With more innovative solutions adding to their product line, travel agents have even more reasons to partner with them.

Join the fastest growing travel agent network in the world.

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