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By Janela Cobian
June 29, 2019
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Even though Agencia Global is the largest air consolidator in Canada and one of the largest in the US, that's not what makes them special. “Power to the Agent” means that you are in complete control - no registration fees, no minimum markups, a live commission calculator, personalized invoices, and so much more! Take them for a spin today - you’ll be glad you did.

Innovative features are what differentiate their platform from their competitors’. For instance, being able to add multiple credit cards on one PNR allows you to control the payment process and make it easier for your clients. Making your job easier is also what they had in mind when they added the fare families feature which allows you to find all the options available for your clients and the upgrades they didn’t know they needed all in one click.

Commissions might be the only thing you care about, and rightfully so. Their “no markup” policy means that the price they negotiate with the airline is the price they give you. Their “hide your markup” tool means that not only do you get to set the commissions you earned regardless of airline policies, you also avoid awkward conversations with your clients when a separate charge appears on their credit card statement. With the single-charge feature, hide your markup from your customers and enjoy a hassle-free payment process all while maximizing your revenue.

Agencia Global is more than its incredible fares, it’s an industry-leading booking platform that will allow you to help your customers with all their air-needs no matter where you are.

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