Be My Guest – The Original Local Travel Experience

By Janela Cobian
February 25, 2019

Trafalgar’s Be My Guest experiences were formed in 2009 from the knowledge that destinations can only truly be brought to life through authentic local connections. Their first experience took place in Italy, at a lemon farm in Sorrento with the Esposito sisters, who were relatives of an Italian Travel Director with Trafalgar. Guests spent a relaxed evening talking and learning from the sisters over a home cooked meal, some limoncello and the scent of lemons hanging heavy in the air. They ate, they drank, they laughed and the loved it! Just like that, Be My Guest became an intrinsic part of the Trafalgar experience and something that changed travel forever. 

Your Clients Are Asking For It

Its’ no secret that travelers today are searching for experiential travel over the traditional big sights, with many businesses re-framing their offering to keep up with this consumer demand and capitalize on this trend. The good news is 2019 marks a decade since the original local travel experience, Be My Guest, was pioneered by Trafalgar back in 2009. Travelers are craving authentic, personal and local experiences while overseas that truly enrich their lives well beyond the duration of the trip and Be My Guest provides exactly that.

All in all, feedback from guests have one common theme – the Be My Guest experience was the highlight of their time with Trafalgar. 

Through these experiences your clients get the chance to sit down and have a real conversation with their hosts, learning about their life and livelihood through a local lens that truly adds the personal touch to their trip, they can’t get anywhere else. With Trafalgar, your clients get to explore their hosts’ properties, dine with them, taste their produce, from wine to olive oil or cocoa beans or fresh fruit and vegetables picked that morning. Be My Guest is curated alongside their hosts, exclusively for Trafalgar.

The first and only travel brand in the category to offer this type of immersive local travel, 10 years on Trafalgar now offers their exclusive Be My Guest experiences on every trip*, each boasting a rare opportunity for your clients to discover a destination through a local’s lens. There are more than 100 across the seven continents they visit, each a one-of-a-kind experience, and always included as part of our trips.

Not only are they connecting your clients, their guests, with these local experiences, but it also allows them to give back in a big way as the majority of these experiences are outside the major cities and held in small, regional towns and villages. The Be My Guest experiences support the local communities they visit, and more specifically- the families they get to spend time with. These visits help sustain their farms, homes, communities…their way of life.

In an industry with so much choice, with consumers demand for truly local travel, as the AgentsFirst brand, talk to your clients about Trafalgar with confidence that no one can get your clients closer to authentic local experiences than Trafalgar.

How To Describe Be My Guest In One Sentence:
Meaningful, authentic and local travel experiences, exclusive to Trafalgar.



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