Blau Hotels Launches a New Brand Design

By Janela Cobian
March 13, 2019
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The hotel chain has launched a new brand design and includes a new concept of work and relationships both internally and externally. This results in a philosophy much more open and close to the public in which the customer will always be the point of attention in order to build vacation experiences that include the chain and travelers in a much more personalized and modern way and adapt to the preferences of the guests.

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For Blau Hotels, reinvention is part of its new road map. The hotel chain has given the starting signal to a new brand design whose fundamental pillar is to be able to offer the client a totally personalized accommodation experience based on the values ​​of innovation, closeness, sustainability, orientation to results, and efficiency.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the chain has favored a new philosophy, much more integrated with a firm vision of teamwork, favoring a healthy work environment in which all members of Blau are motivated to give their best. As a result of this atmosphere of companionship and improvement, a friendly treatment is born for customers. In addition, the brand’s concept is to provide a personalized experience for each member of the family in which not only sun holidays are included, but each establishment is endowed with many services, entertainment full of fantasy, and activities for all tastes.

The values ​​that Blau wants to transmit with the logo are closeness to the client, that's the reason for all letters in lower case; and passion for the sea, with the two shades of blue representing the color of the water and sky. The addition of the point at the end of the name represents the privileged beach locations and speaks for the hotel as a meeting place and a club where the client is always the point of focus and priority. Finally, the hotels for holidays tagline conveys the clear and simple message of what they offer: vacations.

The chain is also working on the definition of new brands, both a premium and an urban. The launch of these brands will be announced soon.

The restructuring of Blau Hotels culminates a history of effort, perseverance, and passion that began in 1942 and constitutes a great family within the hotel sector whose desire for reinvention has marked the new era of the Roxa Group.

Blau Hotels

Blau Hotels & Resorts is a hotel chain that offers accommodation services in holiday areas of Mallorca, Punta Cana and Varadero. The commitment of quality of Blau Hotels & Resorts resides in the great human team that, day to day, is dedicated to satisfying the needs of its guests with a complete offer of services and facilities. The hotels offer unique services to families, couples and groups of friends who want to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

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