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Sabre Red 360 uses modern shopping and booking APIs to connect over 270,000 travel consultants to travel suppliers around the world. This flexible, API-led technology ensures Sabre Red 360 stays one step ahead of a rapidly changing industry, one where consumers desire more personalized travel options. To support this need, Sabre Red 360 will soon offer three new intelligent retailing solutions: New Distribution Capability (NDC), New Airline Storefront, and Content Services for Lodging (CSL).

New Distribution Capability (NDC)

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NDC represents an exciting leap forward in personalizing the Sabre travel marketplace. Through the implementation of Sabre’s NDC-enabled Offer and Order APIs, travel consultants will soon be able to use Sabre Red 360 Air Shopping to compare NDC Offers against branded fares and traditional content to select the best option for the traveler.

NDC answers the call for more personalization in the marketplace, which represents a shift in traveler shopping behavior. While price is still an important factor, travelers are declining the lowest possible fare for fares with more personalized inclusions. Travel consultants are experts in personalized service, but an agency can only offer a tailor-made fare if more options are available during the shopping process. This is where New Airline Storefront comes in.

New Airline Storefront

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New Airline Storefront provides a simple way to compare a variety of fare options, like branded fares, NDC offers, or public fares with a la carte ancillary options.

Content Services for Lodging (CSL)

The hotel industry is also experiencing a retailing makeover. Sabre Content Services for Lodging opens the door to over a million property options from Sabre GDS and aggregator partners (, Expedia Partner Solutions, and Bedsonline). Sabre Red 360 serves as the source-agnostic marketplace for all this additional content, providing travel consultants with all the search and filter tools they need to make the best decision for the traveler.

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The next evolution of intelligent retailing in Sabre Red 360 is already here. Sabre is actively testing the integration of NDC and New Airline Storefront in Sabre Red 360, and Content Services for Lodging launches in Sabre Red 360 February 2020.

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