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Camino Real Hotels

Camino Real was the name that the XVI Century Spaniards gave to the route that linked San Antonio, Texas with the capital of New Spain, today known as Mexico City, it was an amazing display for locals and foreigners due to its unique palaces and majestic buildings.

This is part of the story, and the spirit behind the birth (back in 1958) of one of the best-known hospitality brands in Mexico, Camino Real Hotels.

Over the years we have become the ideal choice for visitors from all over the world both for business and leisure matters. We can proudly say that we are recognized by our guests as a chain with Mexican tradition, excellence, distinction and most of all, unparalleled service, we own our existence to them, our guests, and we are thankful for their loyalty and preference through more than 60 years, but today the circumstances oblige us to take a breath and prepare ourselves to come back renovated and eager to pursue our Corporate Vision: “To be the leading hotel chain in Mexico in the five-star and grand tourism category” attached harder to our values; honesty, work, innovation and commitment.

Humanity has been given the opportunity to live a life changing experience and hospitality/tourism suppliers are specially touched by the recent events, making us all experience a never felt before brotherhood, it is time to stay safe and realize we don´t need to be close to be united, today, we are stronger being apart.

In Camino Real Hotels our hands are used to speak, but this, is time to keep them quiet. A pause to caresses to hug each other very soon. An “I love you” without kisses for the dreams that will come true. A “we are together” without being close.

It’s time to check in at home, we´ll see you soon.


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