CCRA PowerStrategies with Tammy Levent Available Now On-Demand!

By Janela Cobian
July 11, 2018

CCRA VP of Agency Education Margie Jordan and Founder and CEO of TASK Tammy Levent recently wrapped up a unique educational experience that was designed to help your agency attract, nurture, close, and keep leads for life. Each of these critical stages in your sales cycle can make or break your bottom line. They walked agents through the concepts, tools, tactics, and strategies that will make a real difference in the way they grow their travel agencies. You can watch the entire series here on-demand.

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Each stage in your Travel Agency's sales cycle can make or break your bottom line. In this first webinar, Tammy Levent walks you through the concepts, tools, tactics, and strategies to help your agency attract, nurture, and close more leads. Learn how to create content that will attract new travel leads, how to convey your personality through emails, texts, & phone calls, how to engage leads and clients through text messaging, and which questions to ask your leads at each stage of the sales cycle.

Moving your leads through your travel agency's sales funnel is imperative for continuous growth. Learn in this session the best practices for keeping leads engaged and moving them through each stage of the lead lifecycle. Learn how to move leads through your sales funnel, how to create compelling copy that drives action, and how to re-engage stuck or unengaged leads.

Attracting and converting leads is a huge part of growing your travel agency, but even more important is retaining those customers you've invested so much time and money into acquiring. This webinar covers how to delight, retain, and increase the lifetime value of every customer. Learn how to go above and beyond to delight your customers, nurture your customers into repeat buyers, and re-engage inactive customers. 

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