ClientEase Has it All.

By Janela Cobian
April 02, 2019
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ClientEase CRM is a 100% internet client management database. Besides maintaining your detailed client profiles online, you can keep the clients’ travel history, marketing preferences, frequent traveler information, issue itineraries, and invoices. You can even upload a photo of the client so that when you open their profile you can put a face to the name!

In addition to client info, ClientEase allows you to track commissions, ideal for single users or host agencies with unlimited agents. Host agencies can contact them regarding their host features. ClientEase also allows you to generate supplier and agent sales volume reporting and see daily stats right on the dashboard. Their auto-reminder feature will assist in organizing your agency and staying in touch with your clients along with saving agents time spent on contacting clients individually. This data is available on the agent’s calendar. Auto-reminders include occasions, Disney eligibility dates, payments, "bon voyage" and "welcome home" greetings.

Their latest features include website links for registration and quote requests and a “Client Portal” exclusive to each agent. The registration link will allow clients to fill out a profile and travel request. Once submitted, it will build a profile in the agent’s database, email the agent with the details, and send a thank-you email to the client. The “Client Portal” gives your clients access to their data so that they can update their profile, view itineraries, and enter payment info for the agent to submit payment. They can also add their traveler numbers (frequent flyer, passport, etc.), demographic information for the marketing program, request quotes for future travel, and approve e-Signature documents that the agent needs approval on. All data is linked directly to the agent’s ClientEase database.

ClientEase – they have everything you need so they are the only thing you need.

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