Create a Well-Rounded Travel Business with Sky Bird Travel & Tours

Learn how to create a well-rounded travel business with Sky Bird Travel & Tours and visit them at PowerSolutions National at booth 28. As a leading airline consolidator for over 40 years, we help travel agents with every aspect of their business – not just finding the lowest net fares.

What Does an Airline Consolidator Do?

Airline consolidators work closely with airlines to basically purchase airfares in bulk for up to 30% less than published fares that the traveling public would find online. These discounts are passed on to the travel agents who work with the airline consolidators, which means the agents set their own markup. In this way, agents can secure a great deal and impress their clients while still maintaining healthy commissions for themselves.

Find the Lowest Net Fares

Our WINGS booking engine searches major Global Distribution Systems (GDS) to find the lowest unpublished fares from over 90 airlines. Agents can easily compare them to published fares found on the internet and make sure they adjust their markup so that they get a good commission and clients get a good deal.

We’re Your Global Experts

Let Sky Bird be your guide!

The number one rule of sales: never turn away business. However, what do you do when a customer requests a trip idea to a place you’re unfamiliar with? Of course you’ll take the business but how are you going to provide them with a memorable trip when you don’t know the first thing about that region? In situations like these, Sky Bird fills in the gap. Our tours division, Sky Vacations, has dozens of pre-planned tour packages and cruises available that can easily be customized to create the ultimate dream vacation.

Assistance with Group Bookings

When it comes to booking groups of ten or more passengers, let Sky Bird do the work! Our dedicated Groups Department is trained to handle all the complexities a large group. We’ll lock in rates so your customers all pay the same low price, ensure religious and dietary needs are honored, and provide assistance to niche travel groups such as pilgrimages, humanitarian groups, university trips, and more! You’ll enjoy the large group commission without the stress – it’s that simple!

Use Our Partnerships to Upsell

Booking seats in premium economy, business, or first class will earn you a nicer commission, but convincing clients to upgrade their seats can be challenging and price is a big factor. Because of Sky Bird’s longstanding relationships with airlines, our fares are low enough that the upsell is more affordable for your clients.

Beat the internet prices by using a consolidatorWe Give You a Competitive Edge

In the days of the internet, anyone can book their own travel online, which means travel agents need to find ways to add value and stay relevant. In addition to providing you (and your clients) with the lowest net fares, we strive to keep travel agents abreast of industry trends through our blog and Fare Insiders Facebook Group – available to agents who register with us.

We Have Your Back

We know that travel emergencies don’t keep bankers’ hours. When you need assistance with a booking, you can rest assured we’re there to help any time of day or night. Our customer service team is standing by to speak to you 24/7. Plus, our agents collectively speak over 25 languages, so you can request assistance in whichever language you choose. These languages include Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Tagalog, Spanish, and more.

Still have questions about Sky Bird? Stop by Booth 28 and speak to Michael Dunne, our Business Development Director. We’re pleased to participate in PowerSolutions National 2020. We hope to see you there!

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