Discover a higher level of luxury with Expedition Travellers while earning commissions with Expedition Travellers!

There are luxury tours, and there are Expedition Travellers luxury tours.  From the moment you step off the plane, you will discover a different kind of pampering all the way till the end of the tour.  Our VIP tours are all about exclusivity and unique experiences.  From a 7-course tasting menu on a private chartered yacht sailing along the Bosphorus to a gourmet picnic prepared by our very own private chef on the cliff overlooking 278 waterfalls in Iguaҫu,

Expedition Travellers offers our guests an unique and safe adventure with comfort and a higher level of luxury unmatched by others.

At Expedition Travellers, our operation is built on a wholesale model, meaning, you, the travel agents, are our main clients.  We listen to you, the travel professionals, and we are able to create programs based on your clients’ needs and wants. 

Furthermore, once the travel agents reached certain level with us, Expedition Travellers will reward them with a fully paid tour of their choice within the category.  We want our agents to enjoy our tours so they can go back to their clients and tell them how wonderful the experiences are.

EXPEDITION TRAVELLERS is a New York City based boutique tour operator specialized in giving professional level Photography Workshops and Tailored-Made Luxury Tours. 

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