Discovering Hotels in Cancún and Riviera Maya with Ambar Garcia

By Ambar Garcia
October 24, 2018

So, my story begins with what was supposed to be a simple 2 day Trade Show, and soon became a full week of discovering and experiencing some amazing new hotels in Cancún and Riviera Maya!

I swear, I was not planning to write you guys about this, but after seeing what I saw, I just felt the need to share it with all of you. I promise I won´t do a boring commercial, but will try to highlight what really got my heart racing about each property - hoping that you can experience this whole trip again with me while reading it.



It’s no secret that we at CCRA are great fans of Temptation Resort (one of 3 hotel brands from Original Group and the focus of our last Temptation Series webinar ). YES it’s a topless optional hotel, but I can tell you from my perspective of not being a fan of the topless part, if you don´t want to do it, there is absolutely no pressure and there are so many like-minded guests who just enjoy the party and all of the experiences that this resort has to offer.

It’s no wonder they are called “ The Playground for Grownups”, because indeed I loved waking up to their amazing breakfast, took my catamaran for an hour or so to watch the sun rise, and then I felt properly prepared for a great day of live music at the pool and some serious relaxation time at the beach.

I was here once before, and let me tell you since then, this hotel went through a major renovation. It just reopened last year with 430 redesigned rooms (most of the rooms are ocean view).

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So the next day, I went to stay at the new Melody Maker Cancún. Now this all inclusive hotel will be 100% finished by December 2018, as it is finishing a huge renovation.

What first attracted me to this property was its amazing pool… why? Because it offers all different types of water massages… it’s INCREDIBLE!

And as it’s named, yes, this hotel is really well known for its concerts from Armin Van Buuren, to all sorts of International artists and DJs. I had a great Ceviche Coctel at the “Mexicano” restaurant, but the thing that caught my heart was at dinner (at the main restaurant Brasserie) there was a really cool violinist who amazed all of the restaurant guests with a high energy performance of everything from classical music to modern hits. It was just so unexpected and awesome to experience… literally the entire restaurant was mesmerized!

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After Melody Maker, I went to the Oleo Cancun Resort, which is the new boutique hotel in Cancún. I was looking forward to this experience because as I brought them into CCRA as a certified supplier, it caught my attention that they give every guest a hand massage at their check in! And honestly from that moment on, you feel the relaxation that is coming your way, those therapists are good For me this hotel is a great way to experience Cancun if you are just the type of traveler that loves the feeling of privacy in an all inclusive stay without having to stray too far from the airport.

The staff then took me to visit their big brothers, the Atelier and the Estudio Hotel located in Playa Mujeres. They’re opening in December of this year and I can tell you this was pretty life-changing. To start with, they are all suites, with each suite giving you total privacy so you can enjoy and just let go in the beautiful bathtub that is strategically placed in the rooms so you can enjoy the lovely view. From the very innovative new colors selected for the rooms to the way they designed the HUGE bathrooms (honestly that bathroom space could be a room at any other hotel) you will feel like a royal… and those are the standard suites! The top level suites are all about having your own rooftop with a white stone infinity Jacuzzi and more.

The hotel will have 7 restaurants as well as a world-class spa. It is an Adults Only, but for those of you that have clients that travel with family, your clients will have exactly the same level of luxury in the exact same type of hotel located next to Atelier at the Estudio Hotel. Also, it has great meeting and conference spaces if you’ve got a client or corporate group that requires it. And also the beach is amazing (sometimes that´s a bit hard to find at Riviera Maya).

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My next and last stop was Hotel Xcaret at Riviera Maya, and for those of you who don´t know, this hotel opened a year ago, and there are just so many things to do in there you will probably want to stay 2 weeks!

The fact is that this hotel has such a broad array of activities and services included (access to the 7 Experiencias Xcaret Parks), pick up and drop off from the airport is included, as well as 10 restaurants (one of them inside of a natural cave) 8 bars, 900 rooms divided into 5 buildings called “Casas” and so many spots to rest and relax I felt like I never even needed to leave the property. I personally loved the natural pools, where you can experience the feeling of swimming in pure nature.

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So I hope you enjoyed reading my experiences and if you want to get more insider information or recommendations about any touristic supplier in Mexico, the Caribbean or Colombia, you can always contact me at


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