Earn 20% Commission with The Jamaica Travel Network — The First Booking Portal Dedicated to Jamaica

By Janela Cobian
January 27, 2020
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Increase your commissions, get recognized as a destination expert and get a dedicated portal for booking Jamaica with The Jamaica Travel Network.

5 Reasons to Join The Jamaica Travel Network

1. 20% Commission

With a large network of drivers, hotel rooms, tours, and experiences, they are able to offer you a greater commission from bookings completed within the network. Additionally, your commissions increase as your number of bookings increase with agencies earning up to 20% commission on transfers booked within the network.

2. Realtime Commission Tracking and Earlier Payments

Commissions are tracked in real-time and assigned either directly to the travel agent or generally to your host agency depending on your instructions. Commissions are paid once travel is confirmed.

3. Get Recognized As The Jamaica Destination Expert

Jamaica Travel Network offers your agency the support tools that will improve your Agency’s reputation as a Destination Expert for Jamaica. Their email marketing and social media portals feed local experiences to your potential clients for them to book experiences and for you to earn the commission. During event planning, their group management tools allows you to manage group communications, collect from participants individually, and provide convenient payment plans to your clients.

4. Book Curated Vacation Packages Complete with Experiences and Airport Transfers

Save time creating vacation packages that will fulfill your travelers needs. Your agency will be able to deliver itineraries much faster and with a greater guarantee of the client satisfaction. With these packages being readily available for your access, you save a tremendous amount of time while delivering an immense value to your clients.

5. Concierge Booking Assistance

The Concierge System allows you to create even more unique client experiences. You may need such assistance for groups, corporate events, a particular special event, a wedding, or a discerning individual client with a desire for particular experiences. Being locally supported by over 800 travel affiliates in Jamaica, you are able to create the experiences needed for your clients satisfaction and ensure a flawless delivery on your promise.

Let the Jamaica Travel Network take your agency to the next level of service in booking and delivering Jamaican experiences.

Register your host agency or travel agency for FREE today using the code “TRUE” at www.jamaicatravelnetwork.com/agency.


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