Experience India FAM Recap

By Janela Cobian
May 16, 2018

CCRA's Northeast Regional and Southern New Jersey Chapter Director, Hema Khan, lead our
FAM group on a magical, educational journey through her homeland, India.

They went sightseeing in Old & New Delhi, visited the magnificent Taj Mahal, enjoyed
shopping in Agra, and discovered the perfectly preserved red sandstone “ghost town" of Fatehpur Sikri.

They also enjoyed activities such as a 3-hour jungle safari in Ranthambhore National Park and seeing historic palaces and forts in Jaipur.

While the rest of the group returned home, Hema Khan stayed for an extra few days to see her family for
the first time in 39 years! Here they are: 

Here are some of the amazing pictures from this FAM trip:


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