Experience the New Brand on the Block

By Janela Cobian
March 06, 2018

Learn how to make paninis with your hotel room iron. Craving coffee pot couscous? How about hair dryer quesadillas? No Kitchen? No Problem!

Sound familiar?

The nomadic blogger’s resourcefulness is impressive, but the novelty of cooking with the coffee maker wears off. There’s a reason why these novel hotel room hacks won’t change your road routine for long, but this rapidly growing brand of hotels is doing just that.

Feel at Home, Away from Home
With enough travelers consistently in a pinch to create a culture of hotel camping, it begs the question why kitchens are so scarce in hotels. Frigidaire began mass producing refrigerators in 1918, the electric stove became fashionable in the 1920s, and the domestic microwave was introduced in 1955. The kitchen has long been the heart of life at home, so why not life on the road?

Enter My Place Hotels of America, a recently founded hotel chain that focuses on ensuring quality in each newly built hotel, the friendliness of its representatives, and the highest standards in delivering the comforts of home in every room. But that’s not all. The brand’s unwavering focus on delivering quality and value isn’t confined to the guest room.

Location, Efficiency, Flexibility
While the segment enjoys the spotlight as hospitality’s hottest platform, extended stay hotels aren’t exactly new, and they aren’t created equal either. My Place thrives within the space between economy brands of yesteryear and today’s blur of mid-priced hotels by leveraging a flexible operating model and offering best nightly, weekly, and monthly rates. 

As a brand for families, workers, doers, and explorers, My Place also recognizes its role as the guest’s home on the road, and not their destination. With efficiency at its core, My Place is uniquely capable of delivering a higher quality at a lower price for all lengths of stay by focusing on the necessities. If you’re one to skip the spas, pools, and fitness centers in the name of quality and price, My Place is your kind of place.

You can find a My Place Hotel in convenient hot spots across 37 US locations from Atlanta to Anchorage today.

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