Glocal Service Partners: Your Partner in Adventure!

By Janela Cobian
January 25, 2019

For clients who want a different kind of travel experience, go Glocal! From France to Kenya to India, your clients won’t just travel to places with Glocal Service Partners, they will engage with the people and their history.

DSCN2267They have a decade’s experience in engaged travel. Your clients can tour medieval abbeys and visit the sites of World War II with their historical European trips, or even take a safari and spend some time working with the Maasai in Kenya. They can even stroll across Darjeeling tea estates, join in tribal festivals, and interact with school children in the northeast corner of India. Glocal customizes travel, so all you have to do is let them know what you want!


At Glocal Service Partners, they believe you should:


Go places you have never gone before, see things not many have seen, or even places that everyone has been.


Learn something while traveling – music, cooking, yoga, or anything else you can think of. Talk to people and learn their culture. Pick a subject and do some research.


Train others in what you are good at. Take education to those who need it.


Work with and for people who need your help. Develop projects to take your skills and expertise where it can help the most.



Come back and tell others what you discovered. Make a film or host a conference.


Change where you study, change where you live, change how you do things. 

When you travel, you should do more than be a tourist. Instead, you should get to know local people, spend a day in someone’s home, shop where the locals do, and make friends the world over. You should connect your interests with others like you both at home and abroad.


They offer services that cater to diverse groups:

  • People who want to travel in small groups.
  • Groups that want to customize travel to fit in with their special interests.
  • Organizations and groups that want to travel for volunteer work, or develop service projects.
  • Individuals who want to do service in specific fields of interest – education, female literacy and empowerment, wildlife, environment, and many more.
  • High school student and teacher groups that want to travel to do volunteer work.
  • People who want to move to another country.
  • Organizations that want training workshops on energy and environmental issues.
  • Students who want to study in the United States. 

Their commitment is to making the global local, i.e., GLOCAL!


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