Important Update Regarding Cruise Travel to Cuba


With just one day's advance notice, the US Government announced today that, effective tomorrow, June 5, 2019, the authorization for group, people-to-people travel to Cuba is being revoked by the US Treasury Department. In other words, no such travel is allowed, effective tomorrow. Since the cruise lines' cruises are for the purpose of such travel, participation in such cruises is also prohibited, effective tomorrow. However, there is a “grandfathering” provision for people-to-people travel where the traveler has already completed at least one "travel-related transaction," such as "purchasing a flight or reserving accommodation" before tomorrow. In other words, if you booked a cruise by today, you may go on the cruise if it operates.

However, also effective tomorrow, the cruise lines must obtain for licenses for cruises (even those with previously booked passengers), and the government is adopting "a general policy of denial for license applications involving those vessels." So, no one knows whether previously booked cruises will operate.

These rules apply only to US citizens and residents.

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