Introducing the All-New CCRA Agent Media Portal

By Janela Cobian
January 31, 2018
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Your Visual Portal To The World

The all-new CCRA Agent Media Portal® powered by Rich Media Exchange is the industry's largest content library, exclusively available to CCRA agents and supplier partners. The library hosts over 700,000 images and 2100+ videos, helping to put travel agents directly in touch with supplier content whilst also providing a place for them to manage their digital assets and analyze who's viewing and using their marketing materials.

The CCRA Agent Media Portal emerged from our new partnership with Rich Media Exchange in an effort to make access to supplier content as simple and affordable as possible. Now, with any CCRA membership, travel agents can enjoy 100% free access to the portal, allowing them to browse, choose, use, share, embed and even create playlists of their favorite destination videos and images.

CCRA Agent Media Portal Home Page

For TRUESites users, the CCRA Agent Media Portal means a seamless integration of high-quality media content with their website, helping to add value to their communications. CCRA Chapter directors will also benefit from the new portal, which gives them the option of creating their own Agent Media Portal, ensuring even greater customization and relevance for regional promotions and offers.

CCRA members have the option of choosing between the "Basic" and "Premium" plans based on their needs.  While the Basic plan includes
free access to images & videos and the freedom to share and embed media, the Premium plan equips members with their very own Digital Asset Manager and analytics tracking.

The Digital Asset Manager is a powerful new tool that allows agents to upload images and videos, use them in players, playlists, and share them on social media alongside the rest of the massive set of content in the portal. The Premium plan's analytics and promotional tracking provide agents greater insight into content performance.

The Premium plan is priced at $9.99/month.

CCRA Agent Media Portal Plan Options

The CCRA Agent Media Portal is only available to agents with an active CCRA membership. Not a member yet? Join us today to start taking advantage of this powerful new tool! 

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