Marriott's Loyalty Program Changes

By Janela Cobian
August 02, 2018

Exciting changes start SOON. In Marriott's quest to be the world’s favorite hospitality company, they are making history. On August 18, Marriott Rewards®, The Ritz‐Carlton Rewards® and SPG® will become one powerful program to give their members more benefits and better experiences.

For a comprehensive overview of the changes to the program please visit

FAQs for TMCs & Travel Agents

1. My customer has already linked their SPG and Rewards accounts. Does this traveler need to take action to combine their accounts or will this happen automatically?
Beginning on the 18th of August, members may combine their accounts into one to add up their points and Elite‐night balances. Yes, customers that have already linked their SPG and Rewards accounts will need to go online to combine their Marriott Rewards and SPG accounts (which will begin on the 18th of August). Once combined, the member will have one account and one member number, either their Rewards member number or their new SPG member number. Only the combined account’s member number should be used in third‐party Marriott International loyalty number fields to ensure a member receives credit for their stays. For example, if a member combines their profile into SPG, please use the SPG member number in the loyalty member number field. If a member isn’t sure what their member number is, they may find it by logging into their combined account then navigate to Profile where their member number is listed.

2. My customer has already linked their SPG and Rewards accounts. What will happen to their matched Elite status in August?
The status matching opportunity is tier for tier (e.g., Gold gets Gold, Platinum gets Platinum), even though the qualification requirements and benefits between SPG and Rewards are quite different. Further details can be found by visiting

3. Will my customer know about any changes to their loyalty number before the program launches?
Our Loyalty members will be informed on any changes to their loyalty number before the program launches. We will communicate these changes via email, or via postcard to those members for whom we do not have a registered email address.

4. Are there any changes to how I enter my customer’s loyalty number in the GDS /ID (Loyalty Program ID) field?
There will be no changes to how you enter your customer’s loyalty number in the GDS.

5. Do I need to change the Loyalty number in my customer’s profile on the GDS?
We recommend that you encourage your network to ask your customers for any changes to their loyalty number and make the appropriate changes as needed to reduce any interruptions in their rewards benefits.

6. I’m aware that traveler’s may experience disruptions to reservations booked at your hotels through Concur. Can you provide more information?
Travelers with SPG numbers in their Concur Travel Profile will need to make updates. Please visit for information on how the SPG loyalty number can be updated. 

7. In August, when the programs come together, what will happen to any existing reservations at hotels in the Rewards or SPG portfolios?
All existing reservations are secure and there will be no changes or need to take any action. However, if your travelers have accounts with Rewards and SPG that they choose to combine in August, they will be able to view and manage their existing reservations from that single account. For stays booked with points, if stay dates are modified after August, the traveler will be subject to the new Free Night Award Chart point values. Extending a stay or shifting stay dates will result in a recalculation of points required for that particular reservation.

8. If one of our customers is not aware of their new loyalty number or has missed the communication, can our travel counselors contact the Loyalty team at Marriott International to secure their updated details on their behalf?
We will only be able to communicate new loyalty numbers to the associated member, due to data protection. It will still be possible to make a reservation on behalf of the guest, and the loyalty number can be added at a later date, before arriving to the hotel, or at check‐in, to ensure that they are credited with the appropriate points for that stay.

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