Meet Charming Travel Destinations

By Janela Cobian
November 30, 2018
Why Travel with Charming Travel Destinations?

With more than 25 years of experience, Charming Travel Destinations specializes in providing unforgettable tours all over the world including Asia’s top destinations like Japan. From hotel accommodations to awe-inspiring attractions, Charming Travel Destinations’ tours are the perfect vacation for agents to fulfill their clients’ needs.


Offering more than 10 of the world’s hottest destinations, Charming Travel Destinations offers varying rates of commission for agents booking its tours. 

Various Services

Need extra assistance promoting the tours? Need flyers, videos or special programs for clients? Charming Travel Destinations’ staff provides undivided attention and assistance to its agents by providing them with the necessary marketing resources to help sell their products.

Special Offers and Promotions

Charming Travel Destinations boasts in its unparalleled network and strong community. Once agents join its network, they will have access to a variety of special benefits and promotions including FAM Trips and personal invites to exclusive events.

Book with Charming Travel Destinations and offer your clients unforgettable experiences.


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