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By Janela Cobian
February 25, 2019

With over 85 years of experience, SITA is one of the most reputable Tour Operators to exotic destinations worldwide. SITA offers scheduled group, independent tours and fully customized travel programs to Asia.

Asia is full of adventure, spirituality and culture. It has fascinated travelers for centuries with its diverse travel options. From cosmopolitan cities to rich cultural traditions, historic temples, inspiring gardens and fabulous dining – Asia provides the perfect opportunity to savor the essence of both the ancient and the modern world at the same time. The warm and welcoming ways of its people and their ancient ceremonies recreate an old world charm that is unique to this region. Delectable, world-class cuisine of each country and region makes Asia the ultimate travel destination.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan is a natural wonderland with steep mountains, magnificent forests and an array of scenic attractions. One of the most densely populated places on Earth, Taiwan is rich in cultural traditions. Taipei, the capital, is one of the most beautifully planned and easy to navigate cities in Asia, reflecting the right patina of Asian style. Shopping centers, street markets, and fascinating museums make Taiwan make an intriguing destination.

Mt. Fuji

Tokyo, Japan's capital city is a glamorous, world class metropolis, offering an unlimited choice of shopping, cultural attractions, and entertainment. A visit to magnificent Mt. Fuji is on the list of every visitor. SITA's tours to Japan also include a visit to Tsukiji fish market, the largest marketplace in Japan, followed by sushi making lunch with a local chef.

All of SITA's itineraries are skillfully designed to include the best each destination has to offer. Recognized for its highly experienced team of international specialists, SITA is committed to crafting journeys for travelers that are remembered for a lifetime.



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