My Italy Concierge: The Utmost Travel Experience

By Janela Cobian
July 25, 2018

My Italy Concierge has been developing for a long time. It was operating sub rosa, undercover, and gathering steam until it was ready to break out from under the shadow of its big brother – well, sort of!

My Italy Concierge is the new sister company of Driver In Italy, a strategically-connected, detail-oriented and hands-on crafter of amazing Italian tour experiences! After years of providing so much more than elegant and efficient transportation and memorable and satisfying sightseeing, they decided to formalize what they’d been doing all along – that is, creating the complete Italy experience, soup to nuts, with passion, brio and those indefinable extras that create exceptional tours.

Just as you’d expect the most tuned-in concierge to have intricate, exclusive knowledge of their area (mere ‘insider’ information isn’t enough!), so does My Italy Concierge know Italy. They have personally inspected scores of accommodations to find those that are just right and have value, ambience and an inimitable ‘sense of place.’ They have been clandestine food critics at restaurants, covert wine tasters at enotecas and country wineries, and incognito users of all kinds of services so that their recommendations come from direct knowledge. Their guides are the best available! They have sleuthed out unique festivals, quirky artisan’s workshops, emerging historical sites, off the beaten path destinations, unimaginably beautiful vistas - places unknown even to most Italians…

Through My Italy Concierge, backed by the expertise of Driver In Italy, they have been able to break through the clutter of typical off-the-shelf products to offer you complete custom packages that are extraordinary. You'll what is realistic, what is comfortable, what is doable, and what you absolutely cannot miss. Perhaps you will opt for the full flexibility of private vehicles or let us work within your budget via small shared tours. Touring Italy should be a sublime pleasure, not an exhausting ordeal. Their specialty is honest, meticulously prepared, and field-tested itineraries that are right for you and customized to your interests.

Let My Italy Concierge fill your cup with the finest of Italian experiences.
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