Name Your Game with Sports Empire and Authentic California Vacations

By Janela Cobian
November 04, 2019
sports empire _ authentic ca

For over 30 years Sports Empire and Authentic California Vacations has offered packages exclusively through their travel partners including CCRA Travel Advisors! Packages include hotel accommodations, ground transportation, and event tickets. Added value items may be also included such as meals, local sightseeing, or an event party.

Word of mouth is the best way to attract these clients. Put out a flyer that you have these products, or a specific sport available (i.e. NASCAR), and give it time to get around that you offer these fantastic trips. Marketing packages to major sports and special events is different from selling many other types of travel packages or cruises. There is no such thing as a low season or discounted pricing with these products. Major sports championships and festivals only happen once a year, so demand for accommodations and tickets is always at a premium!

Individual travelers are not the only way these products are sold. Popular ways that sports packages are sold are for organizations doing fundraisers as a corporate incentive. They are also used as promotional giveaways for radio stations, newspapers, sports bars, and restaurants. Any business, as well as sports fans, are potential clients for these packages making the market limitless and the potential profits limitless as well!

Be sure to also check out Authentic California Vacations. They offer complete travel packages to the major destinations in California and the Southwest including the Napa Valley! Their services are great for pre/post cruise groups, family reunions, infinity groups, and more!

Suzanne Slavitter CTP, CTIE is the Vice President and co-owner of Sports Empire, Inc., a sports and special events tour company, and Authentic California Vacations for custom California vacations.

They market their packages through travel professionals so they don't compete with you - they partner with you!

sports empire_ authentic ca

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