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By Janela Cobian
August 28, 2019

Travelers have seen and discovered the popular destinations. They’ve explored many of the tours outlined in the travel books and now they want more. Now they’re planning spontaneous trips to hidden gems along secret paths that aren’t overcrowded with tourists.

But why? Maybe because there’s another side of Jamaica just waiting to be explored and at Wanderlust Adventures Jamaica, they give your clients more than just a taste of a new culture. Instead, they help them unwrap a true gift: authentic and untapped Jamaica.

With guided tours and private transfers for both individuals and groups, your clients will immerse themselves in the lifestyles of locals and enjoy first-hand, life-changing moments with a side of the island they rarely get to see.

Join them as they slip away from the crowds, turn away from the beaten paths, and walk the backstreets and corners that your clients won’t want to miss. Because at Wanderlust Adventures Jamaica, they love sharing their favorite secret spots with new friends and they love being there every step of the way to see them enjoy it.

But wait, there’s more... For your customers who are looking for a home-away-From-home, there’s Harmony Haven! Harmony Haven is their relaxing guest house just 7 minutes away from the bustling town of Ocho Rios and is perfect for your clients who are looking for private accommodations to connect with local communities. The comfortable and air-conditioned 3-bedroom lodge provides single rooms with King size beds, elegant rooms with double occupancy, as well a quad room suitable for a family or a friend's getaway.

They will help your clients see more than just the beaches and resorts because there is so much more to discover. They’ll go on adventures that will leave their hearts soaring and a journey to paradises that they didn’t even know existed. Whatever they do, they’ll create life-long memories because when they travel with Wanderlust Adventures Jamaica, they won’t just see Jamaica, they’ll experience it.

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