Panama - The Perfect Destination.. Feel It and Love It!

By Janela Cobian
January 31, 2019

Panama, because of its perfect location, is a great place to travel and has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. Come and enjoy everything this beautiful country has for you: the flavors, the rich history, the amazing nature, the beaches, jungles and national parks, the diverse ecosystem and the tropical weather. Panama is reflected in the impressive maritime and terrestrial biodiversity and they are one of the best destination for bird watching.

If you want to be in the city, you can take one of Discover Panama 365's city tours (day or night) and you will be amazed to see and enjoy the incredible architecture of this vibrant and growing city. See the Panama Canal and the ships passing through, learn about the history of the Old City and see the beautiful churches and plazas. You can even go in a catamaran and cruise the Gatun Lake and pass through the locks to experience it on your own!

If you like culture, you can enjoy their tours that take you to meet the tribes or indigenous that live in Panama, learn their culture, dance with them, try their flavors and have a wonderful day you will never forget.

Discover Panama 365 has endless, unforgettable offerings: they have the best coffee, tea, and honey tours in Panama highlands, they can take you to visit the trails and waterfalls around the volcanos and bathe in thermal waters, and they have whale and dolphin watching tours (which are a must) between July and October. With their help, you can enjoy a beach in the Caribbean Sea and have dinner in front of the beautiful Pacific ocean all in the same day. They cater to groups, FIT, students, corporate and will customize the trip according to your needs. 

Ecotourism, adventure, relaxation, history, and culture is all at the tips of your fingers, Discover Panama 365 offers you more than just a trip, they offer you an experience in Panama that you will never forget! 


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