The Rise of Destination Experts & What That Means For Travel Agents

By CCRA Marketing
September 07, 2016

Travel trends are constantly changing and evolving. One that seems to be on the rise currently is that travelers are seeking more exotic and exciting vacation destinations. This is an intriguing challenge for travel professionals, and the best way to appeal to a new, more diverse clientele is to market yourself in every way possible as a Destination Expert.

What is a destination expert you ask?

Destination Experts are travel professionals who can give information to clients and potential clients confidently. Simply reading a brochure or attending a webinar on a specific location does not necessarily make you a destination expert in that area or region, and certainly does not replace experiencing a destination for yourself.

In this day and age there is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet about traveling to different destinations, and according to Travel Market Report, “despite – or perhaps of – the endless destination data available on the internet, destinations specialists have a more important role to play than ever.” Your clients need your assistance and expertise to guide them through the process of sorting through all the information available to help them make the right decision.

The best way to gain TRUE, insider information into a destination is to go there!

Now, there are several programs that allow travel agents to take online certification courses to become a destination specialist. These courses are valuable in growing your knowledge base and skillset within your travel agency, but they do not make you a Destination Expert.

Through your personal experiences by visiting a destination on multiple occasions, building your knowledge on the area, adding to your supplier contacts, and immersing yourself into various itineraries, you can bring a destination to life for your client. 

There are multiple options for traveling to a destination to learn more about the suppliers in the area. The most bang for your buck is going to come from attending some spectacular FAM trips. At CCRA we work diligently with suppliers from all over the world to put together some of the most indulgent FAM trips that help you discover the heartbeat of a destination. 

By creating a destination niche for your agency you can dial-down into a specific type of traveler. For example, if you are interested in becoming a Destination Expert in Mexico, take advantage of our great upcoming FAM trip to Mexico City and some surrounding areas. After the FAM you will be able to take home the intel to provide clients with the hottest hotels, local tours, restaurants, and many other options to make their Mexico vacation a memory to last a lifetime.

The best part of this is you will be able to speak with the utmost confidence to your clients, gaining their trust, future business, and hopefully some great referrals. Showing them pictures from your trip, or maybe your travel blog documenting your experience, will ensure them that you know what you talking about and that you are a Destination Expert.

As a Destination Expert here are some questions you could answer for your client:

  • What are the best rooms in a particular resort?
  • What should they expect for weather in any given season?
  • How is the public transportation?
  • What are the best dining experiences?
  • Must see spots for a first-time traveler?


Market yourself as a destination expert and take your travel agency to the next level with some exciting upcoming FAMs with CCRA.


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