Skip the Travel Agent at Your Own Peril

By Maggie Fischer
May 16, 2018

Skip the Travel Agent... at Your Own Peril.

A good friend of ours sent this along this morning, and all of us here at CCRA were really disappointed that we continue to see use of a travel agent equated with spending MORE money. Nothing could be further from the truth. Warning, have a glass of wine before reading this...

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The truth is, travel agents know your options better than anyone. They know good deals from bad ones. They know misleading marketing and the real deal on destinations, properties and tours better than the average traveler. And when it comes to your spend? They are one of the best assets you have as a traveler to ensure you are getting the very best return on your investment possible. At the end of the day, travel pros are the surest way to stay on budget, and still get the very best experience you can within the budget you set.

And what about your time? A consumer will probably spend 5 hours researching for every 5 minutes a travel agent does. Why is that? Because they know their craft, and they don't need to Google a million things and check a ton of websites before they make their very best recommendation. Using a professional travel agent lets you travel confidently without second guessing every choice you've made while up late at night comparing endless options.

We're not about to start cutting our own hair, selling our own homes or doing each others' taxes either, because we know that in the long run it will cost far more in time and money by thinking you can outsmart your way to savings. Always go with a pro.

So, the next time someone has a hot tip on how to spend less money when traveling, this is one "fact" or suggestion that they need to re-evaluate. It's just plain wrong and misleading to the public.

We'll be sending a follow-up to the misinformed publisher of this article.


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