Small Ships, BIG Adventures

By Janela Cobian
September 18, 2019

UnCruise defines adventure. It’s their name, their passion, and what sets us apart. Explore playgrounds offering the richest, wildest connections by hike, paddle, with locals. Places so tucked away that our cozy boats fit in just right. The open-hearted enthusiasm of the crew sets the tone, and adventure-hearted guests carry it on. Small ships, BIG adventures.

Active: Mountain-goat scrambles, hours-long kayaking, slow and inquisitive snorkeling... Excursions are as hard charging or as slow-paced as you like.

Backstage pass: Secluded bays and culturally immersive excursions grant you windows into world’s most travelers don’t ever see.

Entertainment: 24/7. Catch a bubble net feeding whale frenzy off the bow or a 3:00 AM northern lights spectacle. Your kayak is your seat and the still waters, the stage. See the seal popping up? Now that’s a good time.

Flexibility: Within their routes they’re ready to turn, pause, and seize opportunity. Linger for whale sprays and bow riding dolphins. Good day for a beach party on a deserted tropical island? Why not!

Inclusive: Excursions, adventure equipment, transfers, baggage handling, and yes, all food and beverages (alcohol too) are included in the fare. Truly no hidden costs.

Place: More than locations. They’re corners and coves to get a little lost in, and maybe a little misty-eyed. So small against a big land. So deep in another culture.

Port of call: Unusual and uncrowded, with wet landings and the occasional dry. A deserted island with a sloping shore that asks you to slip off your flip flops or into rubber boots as you step out of the skiff.

Small ships: Laid-back; 22-90 guests. That’s it. You get to know your travel comrades quickly, and yet there’s always an empty space on the bow to scout for wildlife and take it all in.

How will you define adventure?

UnCruise Adventures
7- to 14-nights * Inclusive adventure cruises
Alaska • Hawaii • Mexico • Latin America • Galapagos • Columbia & Snake Rivers • Pacific Northwest

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