Summer All Year Round

By Janela Cobian
October 01, 2018

At Tours for the World, they strive to provide culturally immersive experiences to over 40 global destinations. Become captivated by the traditions, culture, and people – while guided by passionate regional experts sharing the history and heritage of their country. Featuring 4 and 5-star accommodations, tours are handcrafted to meet the diverse and eclectic needs of today’s travelers. Simplicity is key. Packages include admission, transportation, taxes, transfers and much more. You and your clients will be able to depart for global destinations with the knowledge that traveler safety and satisfaction is their top priority!

Other tour companies may advertise lower fares, but when you compare feature-for-feature, there is a clear difference. Their tours provide value for your money. When it comes to international travel, a high-quality value tour makes the difference between a good vacation and an incredible one.

Our primary difference is that they do not compete with travel agencies. They do not sell their tours to the traveling public. Their packages are available for sale only through travel agents like you! They are also proud to offer one of the highest commission opportunities in the industry at 15%.

To see their tours and learn more about how they can help grow your travel business, visit them online at or call at 800.983.5352.

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