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Booking with Travel Experiences is so fun and easy, they will be your new go-to supplier in the Bahamas! They are the trusted and local experts in the Bahamas who can help you provide your travelers with unforgettable experiences during their time in the Caribbean. Through Travel Ex's fantastic relationships with local suppliers, they are able to help you provide your clients the best service and excursions.

In addition to the Bahamas you can also find their services in destinations such as  Asia, Australia, Latin America, Europe and North America just to name a few; where they offer a variety of tours and experiences all over the globe. When visiting their website you will find a wide variety of tours and activities that you can recommend to your clients. So when you're ready, check it out and book some of their most popular tours like the True Bahamian Food Tours or the Swimming with the Pigs experience in the Bahamas by following these quick and simple steps: 

  1. Get to know your clients ​- Getting through the icebreaker with a new client may not always be easy, but in our business it’s essential. Once you get to know what your client wants to do during their vacation, browse the website and select the right experience for your client.
  2. Select & Book - Great! - ​You’ve selected a tour! Here’s how to receive a confirmation. Send an email at ​ and you'll receive a confirmation as well as your agency breakdown showing the amount paid and your agency invoice. This  process takes no more than 24-48 hours with the booking link provided. Yo can earn anywhere from 5-10% commission depending on the tour sold and you are also given an opportunity to add your own mark up to their products. We also suggest you send an email stating your clients important travel details and preferences that the tour partners should be aware of.
  3. Tell us about the Experience ​- Email Travel Ex back and let them know what your clients experience was like. They love to hear from travel advisors and their clients so they can continue offering the best service. You can also take advantage of their discounts available through their loyal travel partners for repeat bookings. Travel Ex wants to help you to continue to encourage your clients to get out there and to experience the best of  what their vacation can truly offer through the use of tours. And watch how the power of positive  referrals will begin to transfer your business into new heights.


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