Sky Rock Inn - Infusing the Heart & Soul of Sedona

The Sedona spirit is omnipresent throughout Sky Rock Inn of Sedona. The property straddles two of Sedona’s vortexes, channeling the earth’s energy and inner spirituality to empower self-reflection, meditation, and healing. Twisted junipers wind and bend with an air of mystique. Inside, a rich palette of burnished brass hues and starry night blues harken Sedona’s mountain-brushed skies. Hand-painted dreamcatchers and indigenous textures extend a hand of welcome from neighboring Native American tribes. 
Embedded into the brilliant multi-hued landscape, each guest room connects directly with nature’s electric earth. This intimate relationship between structure and environment charges the space with mystic energy that promotes peace and stillness. The room’s design elevates the aura—organic materials, soothing neutrals, and native textures pull the outside in. The view from the room’s terrace steals the breath. In the morning, the rising sun spreads orange light across burnt-sienna rock. In the evening, the untouched starlit expanse of a Dark Sky Community blankets the landscape under its infinite magnitude. 
Well-being is highly encouraged at Sky Rock. Guests can seek mental clarity through meditation in the celestial mountain air, unlock paths to self-discovery in exclusive wellness workshops, or exercise body and mind in the fitness room or amongst the desert oasis (personal yoga mats await each guest in their room). With access to abundant trails, guests can feed their souls with an aerial mountain top hike or bike—Sky Rock’s customized trail maps lead to unexpected destinations, both physically and spiritually.

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