Three Considerations for Ground Transportation from Carey

The world has changed – and, with it, so has the way we travel.  To prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) countries have been forced to temporarily close their borders and restrict mobility of their citizens.  Moving forward, client expectations for how travel advisors prioritize passenger safety in their itinerary will be paramount.  Below are three considerations for responsible travel advisors when it comes to the most overlooked part of a travel plan: ground transportation.

  • Beware of ridesharing services. While, in the past, travel advisors may have recommended ride-hailing apps to clients as a way to provide convenience at a low cost, it is now essential for advisors to prioritize cleanliness and safety in ground transportation.  Most ridesharing service business models prevent the company’s ability to inspect each car before it hits the road; or if the vehicle has been properly cleaned and disinfected after each ride. 
  • Think cars before planes. While a sedan or SUV cannot drive across the ocean, it can transport travelers by land: and with enhanced safety. Premium ground transportation services offer privacy for travelers (no ridesharing), in addition to city-to-city services, so a client can bypass crowded aircraft to get from here to there.  In many instances, customer-centric chauffeured services are also now offering discounts on city-to-city travel.
  • Chauffeured services have stronger business control. The most sophisticated chauffeured transportation companies own many of their locations worldwide, and hire employee chauffeurs, so they can often mandate optimal safety and cleanliness that travelers require. In addition, top premium ground transport services have now implemented executive committees to oversee vehicle and chauffeur disinfect measures every day, and will supply hand sanitizer for travelers to use and keep.  Think smart and stay safe out there.



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