Your 2020 Travel Agent Checklist

By Amanda Chait
June 28, 2019

Are we talking about 2020 ALREADY!?

Believe it! There's no better time than the present to plan for the future. Let's start with a helpful checklist of questions to ask yourself so you can best structure your thoughts and boost your business.


  • How will new customers find me? Am I using the right tools to help me grow awareness around my travel business and the kinds of products and services I provide? Check out these travel agency marketing tips to kick start your strategy.
  • What is my agency's social media strategy? Am I set up to allow my best customers to help spread the word about me? Am I prepared to handle reviews and comments?
  • How organized is my customer data? Is it time for an email marketing tool, or even another look at some of the CRM tools out there to help me automate my communications?
  • Am I leveraging my local network via events, public relations and/or local sponsorships?


Suppliers & Commissions

  • Am I actively managing my commission levels with my suppliers? Are they aware of my growth and the increased value I provide?
  • Am I regularly reaching out to suppliers and my local BDMs to ensure I have lots of digital and print assets to help me sell their products?
  • Do I know what the sales thresholds are to move me to the next commission levels?
  • Am I balancing my supplier portfolio with both large operators and small, in-country niche providers?
  • Am I constantly finding new suppliers in order to offer the best products to my clients?
  • Will I make more money as an independent travel agency?


Compliance & Legal

  • Are my state-mandated bonds, certificates and licensure up to date? What if they aren't?
  • Do I have the right insurance coverage should I need it? Errors and Omissions?
  • Do I meet all Seller of Travel requirements?
  • Am I up to speed on the laws governing the way I advertise?
  • Have I incorporated my business the right way? Do I have the right kind of company structure?
  • Am I properly managing and reporting my income for tax purposes?


These questions shouldn't keep you up at night - that's why we're here!

The CCRA Agency Services team is designed to guide you to the right solutions for your travel business. Schedule a free membership consultation to learn how a CCRA Membership can help! We will get you on the right path to a fun, profitable, and anxiety-free 2020!

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