Travel Agents' Top Destination Choices for 2017

By CCRA Marketing
January 18, 2017

We asked and you spoke! If anyone knows hot travel destinations, it's travel agents. That is why we asked agents for their top destination choices for 2017 in our recent 2017 Agency Outlook Survey. We decided to share one "hot spot" for every month of the year:

africa#12 Africa

From Cape Town to some of the most remote areas of this breathtaking continent, more and more travelers are asking their agents to give them an authentic African experience. CCRA is even having a FAM there!

new_zealand#11 New Zealand

A once in a lifetime travel destination, New Zealand has delicious wine, diverse cultures, and unforgettable landscapes that are sure to satisfy any adventurous spirit.

iceland#10 Iceland

A hot destination in 2016 and even hotter in 2017, Iceland is home to the coveted Blue Lagoon, views of the Northern Lights and so much more.

cruise (1)#9 Oceanic Cruises

All aboard! Cruising is never not in style, with more cruise suppliers upgrading their fleets and adding exotic destinations, 2017 is the year to set sail. See what cruise suppliers CCRA works with today!

spain#8 Spain

Your clients can experience the culture that Spain has to offer through world renowned artwork and architecture, delectable cuisine, and not to mention the fashion! Take a look at our incredible selection of Spanish suppliers!

australia#7 Australia

Incredibly diverse culture, world-famous beaches, and thriving city life. Australia is the perfect destination for an adventurous traveler in 2017.

alaska#6 Alaska

The last frontier, Alaska is a seemingly untouched destination. Travelers can experience unforgettable landscapes and wildlife, as well as some of the best fishing in the world!

cuba#5 Cuba

This destination is about to be closer than ever! Your clients will be able to explore the gorgeous beaches, historic cities and meet some of the liveliest people in the Caribbean.

us_cities#4 US Cities

There are plenty of amazing travel destinations for 2017 that are right under our noses here in the USA. From the Atlantic to Pacific, your clients can see the beautiful landscapes, diverse neighborhoods, cuisines and so much more! See what great suppliers you can work with in the US.

mexico-6#3 Mexico

From the beautiful beaches of Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel to the bustling lifestyle of Mexico City, Mexico has more then enough to offer your clients in 2017. Visit CCRA's Mexico Global Market and learn more about this diverse destination!

river_cruise#2 River Cruises

Always a sought after vacation option, River Cruises allow travelers to experience luxury and culture in a variety of different countries all over the world. Learn more about CCRA's river cruise suppliers today!

caribbean#1 Caribbean

The Caribbean offers endless options for travelers, whether you are looking to plan a vacation for an adventure seeker or a beach bum, there is something for everyone. Experience the Caribbean for yourself on our upcoming FAM with MSC Cruises!


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