CCRA Announces New Membership Level for Growing TRUE Agencies


CCRA has announced today the launch of their new Accredited Host Travel Agency membership category, designed for agencies with between 6 and 25 independent contractors. 

This new category was developed for agencies who have a need to provide CCRA products, services and benefits to a greater number of agents than what is allowed under CCRA’s traditional Accredited Travel Agency program. Now, for $595, agency owners can maintain an account with CCRA that provides benefits for up to 25 agents.  

These benefits include:

  • One TRUE Code for the Agency to use with hundreds of global suppliers
  • Up to 25 professional photo ID cards
  • Access to’s exclusive members-only educational, networking and marketing content for up to 25 agents
  • Free admission to any of CCRA’s regional PowerSolutions LIVE events
  • Access to any of CCRA’s FAM trip opportunities
  • Discounted registration at both the Miami and Las Vegas Travel Agent Forums
  • Eligibility for TRUESites, CCRA’s website, social media and email marketing platform launched earlier this year
  • Eligibility to use CCRA’s TRUELeads, a lead-gen program launching later in the year which is now in beta trials

Agencies who have been operating under an Accredited Agency membership can upgrade to the Host Agency Membership for $250 as long as their current account is in good standing. Those paying $99 annually for additional agents can now consolidate their agents under one Host Agency Account and save a significant amount of expense and what can be a disjointed renewal schedule each year. 

“We’ve heard our agency customers loud and clear on their need for a program that doesn’t limit their growth to 4 independent contractors,” said Margie Jordan, CCRA’s Vice President of Membership Services. “We’ve watched over the past 2 years as many of our TRUE Code powered agencies have grown significantly but struggled to manage all of their agents in a way that made sense for them and for CCRA. We’re hoping this program will equip them with a much easier way to grow their agencies, and for CCRA to lend their expertise to them on how to successfully grow into the host model and continue their success with a larger workforce. We can’t wait to see what our top agencies are able to do with these new tools at their fingertips.” 

CCRA will be conducting a series of information webinars on the new program beginning this fall, as well as a wealth of new educational assets designed for the unique needs of a growing host agency, including sales, marketing and operational courses. 

CCRA introduced marketing programs for existing host agencies looking to grow their network on contractors and attract new host-interested agents into their agencies in 2015. Those participating include Travel Planners International, Avoya and several others. 

“We will continue to support the marketing needs of our existing host agency partners, as CCRA has a vast network of travel agent members whose needs include the support, service and convenience of a host agency,” added Maggie Fischer, CCRA’s Chief Marketing Officer. She continued “one of the most attractive aspects of the CCRA global network is the availability of products and services that suit every business model and the flexibility that provides to both our agents and our suppliers. This new membership offering is moving us closer to our goal of being able to serve agencies with every business model out there and the suppliers who want to reach them.” 

Agencies who currently hold an Accredited Agency Membership who want to upgrade to Host Agency status can do so by logging in to their membership account, choosing the new level and utilizing code Upgrade2Host to receive a prorated fee offer. 



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